The Double Reward of Feeling Good Now


  1. I choose each and every moment to feel happy my heart is full with gratitude raising my vibrations to happy land x

  2. Been depressed for so long that I can’t find anything anywhere to lift me up and now feel like ending it all.

    1. Been there myself about 9 years ago… I know what you’re going through, Dean. Although, it won’t happen over night, trust me when I say that there’s a way to bounce back and live the life you’ve always wanted. Please read my previous post on embracing vulnerability here, I think it would be helpful to you. Sending you loads of love… Ruzica

  3. Of course! Enjoyment of the now is the secret of happiness. It is not because I have to do something or acquire anything in order to be happy, but I do every thing out of happiness that is part of my true nature. An insight into this truth is the beginning of true happiness!
    John P. S.

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