The Art of Letting Go


  1. A spiritually unequally yoked marriage and negative old ways of thinking must be let go and are, layer by layer and it does feel good and freeing to my soul. Thx for your article!

  2. thank you very much.your article will remind more than 90% of people what is happening inside them. its also called autosuggestion. think and suggest to my mind what i want,and my want has to have the intensity to attract the laws of nature. i must honestly congratulate you Ruzica for all your articles here . excellent,so practical,easily understable, one can contemplate on then. great one. of very high quality and beneficial

    1. Thank you, Shivaram! I’m happy you enjoy reading my articles and find them beneficial. My intention is to help raise consciousness and have more people realize their own power and part in creating their lives. Happy creating! 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading, Moreen!
      Yes, whatever we hold onto, takes away our power… and sometimes without meaning to, we slip into the ways of thinking that really doesn’t serve anyone, especially us.

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