Here’s what some of my clients said about working with me:

Christine Walden pic.1Ruzica has helped me raise my vibration level, consistently, allowing transformations, growth, and prosperity belief. She has inspired and helped me discover the deeper purpose in life. Because of coaching with Ruzica, I’m pursuing a new, life-giving career.

Another way to describe Ruzica is her level of effectiveness, also the supportiveness I always felt when speaking with her. She utilized focus toward applying the processes and practical tools enabling me to expand and grow. I always felt I had a “cheerleader” in my corner-which can mean the world to a client! Ruzica was fantastic in guiding and teaching me tools that empowered me. She has this gift!

There’s is loving kindness that Ruzica radiates, which is not necessarily a skill that flows genuinely and effetely through everyone, as it flows through her. She has an ease working through the process of business, while remaining critically sensitive of her clients’ issues.

Ruzica has achieved a level of sophistication in her skill to coach clients to success and I am proud and privileged to be associated with her always!

Sincerely, Christine Walden

Ruzica has been an incredible warm, attentive, and loving coach to me. She was very committed to coaching me, being present with me. One of the key things in a coach is love and positivism and that is what she vibrates in such a great way. She holds the vision for your life in such a positive way there is no question your life will benefit. — Divina Caballo

Tess “When I first started working with Ruzica, I was new to the Law of Attraction and life coaching. She has given me a deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction by suggesting specific processes that have helped me raise my vibration and helped me get out of my own way. She has been instrumental in helping me identify areas where I could go higher and further when I was thinking small. She has inspired me to use my imagination to help me create a fabulous life. She helps me experience what it is to have whatever it is I want in the present, as if I already have it. Ruzica always has a fresh perspective for me. I have gone from just imagining a prosperous, new career that I feel passionate about to actually having it. I have created resources, a radio show, a book, coaching programs, and so much more on my journey. I have clients who I’ve attracted who I look forward to working with every week. I have gone from learning how to raise my vibration to vibrating at a high frequency on a consistent basis. What I’ve learned from Ruzica has affected every part of my life for the better. I can take what I’ve learned and now apply it in other ways. I love my life!” — Tess Adams www.tessadamscoaching.com

“I have learnt so much about the law of attraction by working with Ruzica. I feel that because of our coaching sessions I can focus with ease on what I want for my life without sabotaging my self with the limiting beliefs and negative feelings I used to associate with my desires. My life has been shifting and changing for the better ever since I started working with Ruzica. Manifesting is so much easier when you have someone to guide you. I’ve learnt new, leading edge techniques and tools that I can use on my own, AND that work for me! I love every bit of our sessions. Thank you for helping me! I would recommend anyone and everyone to work with Ruzica.” — Dr. Anubhuti Shukla

Mely-Brown“I’ve had loads of practice at shifting my thoughts and focusing on better-feeling vibes, but (as so often is the case) you can only see what you see. Ruzica was awesome at guiding me outside my own box. She wasn’t afraid to call me out on stuff until I could clearly see myself. New perspectives. She helped me let go of the real stuff hiding behind what was weighing me down, things I hadn’t even realized were stopping me. And of course, things start changing for the better. Thanks again Ruzica, for being a fantastic coach!” — Mely Brown

These are just a few of many people I helped go from struggling to enjoying, and relaxing into realizing and manifesting their desires.

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