How to Deal with Negative Emotion Effectively


  1. Thanks – I have in recent times experienced much negative emotion and depression. It seizes me and won’t let go. Glad to say that I am now feeling better. A Relaxation routine and simply mental programming for “Peace of Mind” helps – As does, trying to do something for someone else in order to “get rid of me”
    David J

    1. What a great post Ruzica! David, taking our focus away from the ‘problem’ at hand is certainly an excellent way to soften our feelings. You may also want to look at The Law of Detachment which works in tandem with the Law of Attraction. It is part of the process of trusting that the universe is going to deliver our deepest desires in the best possible way we happily ‘let go’ and get about enjoying life as much as we can.

      Here is a short video clip on the law of detachment you may find useful.

      All the best in your journey!
      Serene Martin
      Transformational Life Coach

      1. Hi Serene! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and information on the Law of Detachment. I’ve been taught this law and have been using specific processes with clients to practice it. 🙂

    2. Hi David! Thanks for sharing your experience and being vulnerable, it’s all part of healing process. Happy to hear that you’re now feeling better. Great job with doing something about the way you feel and practicing relaxation and deliberate thinking! Take it easy though. Also, while it’s nice to be of service to others, I found that looking for what gives ME joy takes care of everything. For example, I write and coach because it gives me joy and I know I serve others at the same time.

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