How to Create a Great Day


  1. Ruzika,
    I just found you and am so happy I did! I love that you refer to remembering how we felt as children. My focus is on children, in that I believe they are our most powerful teachers, and we can learn so very much, mainly about what we’ve already forgotten! You speak my language. I am a dedicated follower of the Abraham-Hicks teachings, and am eager to follow my bliss and to have the courage to take strong, confident steps along my chosen path! I’ve published a book on Amazon, which was so fun and feels like a very positive step for me! Thank you for your encouraging words, Nancy

    1. Thank You Nancy for the beautiful words!

      Abraham-Hicks, best teachers on the planet! 🙂

      Congratulations on your book!

      Yes, follow your bliss and enjoy the journey…

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