How to Not Let Other People’s Energy Affect Your Own Vibration


  1. Hi again. This is a very current topic for me and I appreciate your highlighting it. Having received the recent Esther & Abraham CD with this discussed beautifully with a woman who states she is very sensitive, I was facsinated – and relieved – to hear Abraham’s response that this can be used to the advantage to all. Perhaps you’re familiar with this dialogue? Regardless, you applied some very easy and practical steps for living this. I enjoy the way you keep the focus on doing what feels right to us while pointing out that when we feel good ourselves we are benefitting others. Our culture has taught us that this is selfish so it could seem counter intuitive. I actually did this very thing yesterday before reading your post and the results were amazing. So, thanks! I’ll keep at it.

    1. Hi Gwendolyn! Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. It does feel great to realize that being sensitive is a good thing, doesn’t it? I am not familiar with that particular dialogue, but I am a huge fan of Abraham and have been following their teachings 🙂 You are right, we have been conditioned that this is selfish, so it could seem counter intuitive. This is simply because we are not used to practicing it. I am happy to hear that this information helps and that you have been experiencing successes. Xox 😉

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