Get Only the Best Out of Everyone


  1. Great post Ruzica. I couldn’t agree more. I sometimes think other people are actually reflecting back to me how I’m feeling each day. Whenever I go out, or meet people, I always look and expect to see something lovely about them. When I do this, I find this is what I tend to see. The other day my partner and I were leaving the pub with his brother. We left the pub with no problem, passing through a small group of people near the door with a cheery ‘merry Christmas’ exchange. The brother-in-law on the other hand got into an angry heated exchange and nearly ended up in a fight. The same group of people, but a totally different experience. I believe the difference is how you are inside. If you’re generally happy, then you’ll see happy people and have happy experiences. If you’re not, then you won’t tend to so much. Great post, thanks for sharing. Andrea

  2. I am loving the posts here and in the blog challenge in general and I think it must be the time of year, there is so much positivity in terms of setting intentions and shaping things, taking time to review and to learn, learning that you can shape through what you expect so that it comes true. I am so with you on your post and this is all so powerful. When I was first introduced to the Law of Attraction even though I was clearly working on it anyhow I was told start with something small like expecting a car parking space outside where I was going and it worked and I still get that. So if you aren’t sure start with something like this or some small piece of behaviour and trust.

    1. Hi Heather! Agree with you on starting small with the LOA. Like with everything else in life, you gain confidence by exercising, and you do it gradually. Thank you for visiting and the nice words!

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