Embracing Vulnerability


  1. I like to congratulate for an amazing topic. It seems as if you wrote it only for me. Because it brought up I am a very kind hearted person. Many people knows I am good but they also know I am vulnerable and i got cheated. Sorry I was thinking like that, but later I realised, I allowed them to cheat me. So the responsibility is on me. So no guilt feeling or tension. This world is many times not fair and the world is not going to change for me. I have to change my perception. That is the only possibility and option. I used to feel bad whenever I was used wrongly. Even a swamiji told me “it is not enough to be good only, you have to be shrewd and smart enough” to chose whom you help etc. and even if I try to avoid, I am chased wherever I go. Sometimes I think that may be divine wish and in this birth the task given to me. I always believe helping is an opportunity given to me as a blessing and HIS kindness to chose me to do that good work. HE chose to run a free school for the unfortunate neglected children and now we have classes upto x std. We have children of beggars, gypsies and fishermen whose parents are illiterate and not concerned about their children’s future. Only way to cut this chain of poverty and illiteracy is education. I am happy to do such work. Oh, sorry, I became emotional and went out of line. Now, after reading your article i feel happy that i am not wrong. Quite a lot of people think i am a fool and they can cheat me easily. Thank you telling me “permit yourself to be vulnerable and follow your heart desires ‘ Thank you very much.

    1. I want to thank you and acknowledge you for sharing your experience and feelings, Shivaram Alva! I’m happy that my article helped. Yes, allow yourself to be vulnerable or feel whatever you need to feel in the moment. There’s nothing to be sorry about and of course, follow your heart desires! Trust that it’s all there for a reason. Great awareness, and point on perspective. You’re doing wonderful. Stay connected and listen to your emotions. You’ll be guided continuously to manifesting all that you want.

      Much love & blessings,


  2. Yeah ..accept… with you. We are the combo our positives and negatives, so feel both of them. That phrase “we became strangers to us ” caught my eye and is making me think about what I am and what I want to become. Nice article Ruzica 🙂

    1. Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment, Junnu! Congratulations on the great awareness! Allow yourself to ponder it all and just notice how you feel afterwards… 🙂

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