Dealing With Intense Feelings


  1. Hi Ruzica! What a wonderful blog!

    You got me with the “intense feelings.” :) And I’m actually glad, that because of it I followed the link from Facebook and came here. I subscribed to your newsletter.

    Very good advice, it helped me to come back to my senses and start thinking deliberately again. :)

    Regarding your question, here’re my tips:

    1. EFT, especially useful. I sometimes do focus wheel together with it – not writing the statements, but doing the EFT tapping, saying the statements out loud. But the traditional technique, offered by Nick Ortner and the divine Jessica Ortner (she so knows which sentences to give there!), is also really helpful.

    2. There’s a wonderful Kevin Shoeninger’s Core Energy Technique.

    3. There’s saying things in general: “I have a situation. I have thoughts. I have feelings.”

    There’re also some of my techniques, and deeply felt and experienced recommendations, gathered in my first book, I posted it here. You’re welcome to visit me, too. :)

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